"It's more than just a dallas music studio job"

The entire team is dedicated to music, film and other creative outlets. Everyone is a pro at their particular studio role. Rockit Lab engineers and producers work with some of the biggest names in the business because of their qulity work.

Rockit Lab is a full service studio. That means we can provide all that is needed to push your brand and music. You can work with our film producer and photographer to make your EPK and music video. Now, for your release, you can buy beats from our production engineers. Then record your tracks with one of our vocal recording specialists. Next step, time to send the tracks to one of our audio engineers for the best, professional mixing and mastering service Dallas may have to offer.

We can even help with your marketing! When it come to webdesign, logo's and other graphics, we got your back too! Full artists promo available with DJ email blast, social media marketing, label pitching and so much more! Contact us now for full details!

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I am a traveling photographer and had the opportunity to use Rockit Lab Studios earlier this year. It was a great experience for the Client and I.

I was able to use their seamless paper backdrop, and produce great images for my client. I will use this studio every time I am in the dallas area!

Loyall H.

Rockit Lab is easily the best studio in Dallas for electronic music. Quality gear, cheap prices, and some of Dallas' most talented producers and engineers work here including work for Sony, Ultra, Talib Kweli, Pretty Lights Music, and more!

chris l.

Great prices, friendly staff and awesome acoustics. The staff is also very knowledgeable on EDM producing. I have already had some improvement in my production after my first session

lance m.

Great studio. Knowledgeable staff. A place that can not only record but shoot photos and other visuals.

douglas e.