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Listening party
in dallas

Our space was designed with musicians in mind. Our building can be leased for listening party for your record release or any other music project you want to showcase. There's plenty of room so invite all your friends and fans to a private concert. You can plug right into our house system and jam out.

There's even access to a kitchen so you can serve drinks and snacks. You can also bring liqueur or a keg as long as you give it away at no charge to your guest.

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Record Release Party
Album Launch Party

Steps on How To Plan An Album Launch Party

Getting ready for a release launch is important, whether its for an EP or a full artists release. Set the stage right and get your fans and potential new fans excited about your upcoming release. Hopefully some of these ideas assist in your party planning.

  • Get your party budget in order. You can't charge people an entry fee to this type of event. You may also give away merch to your fan base.
  • Give your fans something to talk about. You need to raffle concert tickets or another prize. A signature drink could be what you need for your party guests
  • The venue needs to have the vibe you are looking for and the sound. Tour the party location and map out how your release launch will go night of the evnt.
  • Bring in other artists. Get good ones that completment your style. A DJ between sets is a good party idea as well.
  • Launch party promotion is just as important as any other booked event. Spread the word and dont be afraid to hit the streets.
  • Have your new music for sale. Band shirts are a great thing to sale at your album release.
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