Beat Production Classes

The music is in your head, we help you get it out

the best engineering classes in dallas

Our team of engineers are literally some of the biggest names in their scene. We are blessed to have in house training at the level. You can be a part of Dallas raising as a thriving music scene. Grow your DAW knowledge and get to the next level.

We are currently training in the following DAW; Logic, Abelton, Bitwig and FL. If you are looking for another software, please reach out to discuss. All course are tought one on one or as a group class in our event rental space here in Deep Ellum.

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Beat Production Class
Learn to Mix and Master

Learn to Produce and Master Your Own Tracks

There is nothing better than being able to make a professional beat ready for release. You wont have to wait on anyone and you will get that sound you are looking for but have not been able to accomplish.

All instuctors are currently touring and selling music weekly. You will be learning from some of the best in the music game. We mentor you through the process and show you the ropes. Check out our Mixing and Mastering Services page to get more details.

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