Shane Rollins aka MC Etiquette

Changing thought patterns and the perception of reality through lyrics

Vocal Recording Engineer in Deep Ellum

Shane has been running the A&R at the studio over 3 years! Music is a passion for him and seen through daily activity. If he's not recording or producing beats at the studio, you can find him rocking the mic.

Who's better to record your vocals than a fellow Emcee? Known as MC Etiquette, he's the Resident MC at Two:Tone in Deep Ellum's night club Wits End. He's deep in the Drum and Bass scene and will always be a true Junglist! Check out more at

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Vocal Coach

Vocal Coach in dallas

Ever ask yourself "How do my vocals sound." and never get a real answer? Shane will give constructive criticism to help ensure your vocal recording is at it's best. We can help with recording and live performance vocals as well. Rockit Lab Studios has a Band Rehearsal Space used by groups to practice theor live sets. You can plug your phone or other devise into our live PA and rock out!

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