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Learning to DJ is a decision a lot of producers make as a next step. Even novice engineers switch to learning to beat match and scratch records before mastering beat production. Either choice is the correct route as long as you get the proper training.

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Learning the essentials is crustal for any aspiring DJ. Our one-on-one courses are designed to get you on the street quickly and full pf knowledge. Its more of a mentor ship program to be honest.

  • Our will learn a breif overview of the DJ culture, the art of a DJ and potential careers
  • One of the next step is getting to know the DJ gear. This includes turntables, controllers, speakers, needles and more!
  • Learning how to use Serato is a must. Start our courses and learn what it takes.
  • You will see how to beat match and scrach on multiple types on equipment.
  • There's a lot to learn to be a DJ! So we have the following course to be started wherever your skill level fits in. Intro Course, Basic Mixing, Intermediate Mixing, Advanced Mixing and The Professional DJ Course.
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