Frequently Asked Questions
Most common questions are answered below but please feel free to call us anytime for more info!

Q: Where is Rockit Lab Studios located? 
A: Rockit Lab is located just outside Downtown Dallas in Deep Ellum. We are located around Main & Hall Street. Although we prefer everyone to call and speak to us prior to doing a walk thru. Please call us at 214.302.7571 to schedule. We can also be found on Google Maps or any other map engine. 

Q: Are there any hidden fees or is it really $50.00 an hour? 
A: There are no hidden fees. Only the rental of extra equipment or you bringing more than the allotted 5 people allowed per rental would require extra fees ($10 Per set of 5 guests). If you work with 5 people or less and are paying with cash, then a 1 hour rental would be $50.00 flat. We do charge $20.00 for a green screen if needed. There is a 2.5% credit card transaction fee we charge and pay when using any form of credit card. 

Q: How do I book an appointment? A: Click on our “Book Room” button on our website and read our Hourly Rental Agreement. After reading our agreement, at the bottom of the page, it will ask you to accept our agreement by clicking “Calendar”. Once you click that, it will take you to an online calendar that you can add, update or delete your own reservations. You have to select the correct room and correct calendar first. 

Q: Is there anything to eat around or can I cater our session? 
A: We offer vending machines for snacks and drinks. We have filtered water on tap if needed as well. We also have a full kitchen if you need to warm something up or keep something cool in a fridge. You are also welcome to order food or pizza. You may bring food or drinks, just throw it all away in the trash when you are done is our only rule. There is Murry Street Coffee and Bakers Ribs directly across the street as well. 

Q: How can I pay? 
A: Cash requires no additional fees. We also accept credit cards via Square Reader & Paypal for 2.5% per transaction. That’s about $ 1.25 per every $50.00 spent. We ask that you delete your reservation if you can’t show up since we don’t require deposits. 

Q: Can I store equipment there or do you have rooms for rent monthly? 
A: We do have a garage for storage of musical equipment or other creative items. They space can not be used for houshold itmes, clothing or other items under discretion of the studio.

Q: Can I get more information on the photography room rental? 
A: The best way to get full details is to email or call us but we will try to list most photography info here in this section…. We have 2 photography rooms, the main room people use is called the “Front Room” and it comes with 3 colors of pulldown backdrops along with 3 constant on lights with stands and umbrellas, along with 1 softbox strobe.The room has natural light and can also be blacked out with shades. 

The entry to the room has double glass doors that have super dark tint and a black pull over drape for privacy. We do allow nude shoots but no pornography allowed. We do offer a bathroom and changing room that has showers, mirrors and bright lights for makeup. Our main entry way has seating for your guests to wait but we do stress that you watch over your guests. This is a room and equipment rental only. You may not have your guests show up prior to you. You must be present at all times with them. 

The second photography area is out in our main area and really nice to shoot in. Even though it has curtains that pull shut, its out in a main part of the facility and has the potential for walk thru traffic. This area has a couple constant on lights and a white, grey and black pull-down paper backdrop.

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I am a traveling photographer and had the opportunity to use Rockit Lab Studios earlier this year. It was a great experience for the Client and I.

I was able to use their seamless paper backdrop, and produce great images for my client. I will use this studio every time I am in the dallas area!

Loyall H.

Rockit Lab is easily the best studio in Dallas for electronic music. Quality gear, cheap prices, and some of Dallas' most talented producers and engineers work here including work for Sony, Ultra, Talib Kweli, Pretty Lights Music, and more!

chris l.

Great prices, friendly staff and awesome acoustics. The staff is also very knowledgeable on EDM producing. I have already had some improvement in my production after my first session

lance m.

Great studio. Knowledgeable staff. A place that can not only record but shoot photos and other visuals.

douglas e.