Creative Shared Space

You have the imagination, we've got the place to share

searching for a shared space in dallas

This studio has it all! Our beautiful location has the look you are going for in creative space. Large brick walls, cement floors and open exposed ceiling.

When we say creative space, we mean it. Its a truly mixed use building. You can use it as an art studio for painting, a place to host a training class and even film production. Check out our event rental space page for other creative use ideas.

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Creative Shared Space

Our rental rooms are even used for pocast serise recording audio and film. We have back drops and a projector in the room for your use. The main space has a live PA system so you can listen to music as you get the creative juices flowing.

Creative Use Studio

What to look for in a creative space

It's important while serching for the perfect place you check off what you are looking for within your new work space. To be inspired, you must create the environment to thrive.

  • Ignite the creative mode while touring the location. Close your eye and imaging your process. Can you train your brain to jump in creative mode? After all, this is why you are looking for a studio.
  • Mood lighting is a big part in your mind while trying to be creative. There are actual studies that show feelings of freedom, reduced inhibition and encreased determinatoin in dimmed lighting. Don't forget about natural light!
  • Make sure your are comfortable while there. Snacks and drinks help you stay focused. See if they have vending. If not you should bring stuff from home.
  • A sound system would be great. Listening to ambient noise at aboiut 70 decibles can show optimized performance. If you're not into that music at a resonable volume should get you in the zone.
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