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Scheduling An Open Casting Call in Dallas?

Our unique, creative space is ideal for all types of casting calls. You can have models walk the runway in our large open area. There's even a room with sound treatment that can be used as an audition room. Your actors will love visiting the best spot in Deep Ellum for all your multi media needs.

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How to Set Up A Casting Call with 5 Easy Steps

The most important thing is to fill the rolls with great actors. It doesnt matter if you are filling parts for TV or movies or small community plays. So let's go over some essentials while planning an open call.

  • Decide on the location. Know your budget. Think about if you need two audition rooms or any other special use.
  • Advertise who you are looking for to fil the rolls. You dont need kids showing up al day if you dont have rolls for them. Advertise the age, weight, ethnicity, gender and any specifit traits you are looking to find.
  • Pick out the audition scene for reading at the casting call. Choose scence with a wide verity of emotions. Also, have the actors work together in scence. See how they work onstage.
  • Firm Scheduling is important. You need to stay on track and make sure the actors are serious.
  • Create a clent info sheet. This will get contact info from the actors. Ask them questions about timing and othe stuff that could get them cut.
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